LESSO and Araga Enterprises together had a partnership meeting on 30th Sep. 2016 @ JW, Marriot Chandigarh.

Araga Enterprises is a fabricator of LESSO uPVC profile for Punjab region.

Both the Companies had one common goal for the meeting i.e., Brand building, reaching to more project, builders & developers. Both the companies had a win win situation at the partnership meeting as there were around 100 builders & developers.

The meeting started with high-tea, presentation from different department of LESSO. The Finance, Sales and Marketing department represented LESSO in front of all the builders & developers showing the growth 0f the company product, history & the future exception of  the company.

At the end  Mr. Peng Jun (MD, LESSO Buildtech Pvt. Ltd.) summarized the whole meeting with his speech and presentation . And then had the closing ceremony with dinner & networking.


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